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The Jannie Project Foundations NPO was founded with the objective of providing physical and emotional care through financial support and provide resource and research advice and care for people living with Huntington’s Disease within South Africa.

The charity champions the needs of the Huntington’s community and through a multifaceted approach helps to educate families, friends, and healthcare professionals about HD. You can support the work of the Foundation by learning more about how we fundraise, obtain funding and grow people's awareness by visiting the below links.

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Raised: $5000

Goal: $10000

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The Jannie Project Foundations core process is to raise funds to support the individual’s requirements by empowering his or her family with sufficient financial resources to take care of the afflicted family member(s).

The mandate of the Foundations is to provide relevant funding within the South African Huntington’s Disease at present. The Foundation also only accepts families or individual requests for assistance when there is sufficient funding for that project for one year at a time, as it’s not fair to families when they receive intermittent funding. Our values and mission as a community support organization looks to long term support and not a short-term project. Our goal is to ensure viable and useful, reliable and ongoing proper support.

The average cost of providing monthly care by our care-givers, ensuring transport costs, some forms: product hampers and other essentials is in the region of US$12 000.00 per annum (which averages US$1000.00 per month)

Fundraising at The Jannie Project Foundation is created in two different ways:

1. Private and Corporate Donations.

2. Fundraising through the Talent with Purpose Initiative

• For private and corporate Donations please see the Bank Account details and Donation Links on the Annual Donations page.

• To find out more how you can work with the Talent with Purpose initiative please click on the link below to visit that information.

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