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talent with purpose

Talent with Purpose has a passion for performing! Thank you for considering supporting these deserving and hard-working artists, who give from the heart.

The Foundations Directors are all involved in the world of the performing arts and have a rich history of working in Entertainment.

What is Talent with Purpose?
As a transparent process within the Organization’s need for Funding in order to support its mandate, the Foundation’s Directors outlook is also one without expectation, whilst remaining willing to work and build additional forms of defined income and funding process for the Foundations use.

The Talent with Purpose initiative has been passionately created in order to deliver an ongoing and usable income for the Charity to be able to use. It provides a clearly defined platform utilizing the strengths of the Foundations Directors, which lies within the Performing Arts.

The innate goals of the Talent with Purpose initiative are to build communities, strengthen the Foundations outlook, and to create a sense of belonging, hope and expression through audience development, whilst increasing commitment of donors and allow people not only within South Africa but also on an international level be a part of the goodwill to those who are in need, aligning with the specific level of work that The Foundation provides.

We believe that the utilization of one’s God-given Talent should be for the benefit for humankind, and Talent with Purpose is an ideal platform to bring this into being, offering growth, success and empowerment to the world we live in.

The following links detail how you can support the Foundation by supporting the Talent with Purpose initiative.

Performing Artists

Talent with Purpose is the link between the Foundation and the available talent. Our Performing Artists are available, willing and appreciative of your donation and support. These talented individuals add a deeper dimension to the Foundation in that instead of seeking handouts, they will offer proceeds of their performances and events to The Jannie Project Foundation.

What type of events can be booked?

Our Artists offer proceeds of their live performances and events to The Jannie Project Foundation. Perhaps you would consider choosing from one of the following events or even hiring them for your company or personal entertainment event:

• House Concerts (Private) • Live Stage Events (Public) • Fundraiser Events (Public) • Company Year end Events (Corporate)

We are affiliated with a Talent Audition Company

We also receive some funding from our Talent Audition Company called Gold Talent Performing Arts International – where some proceeds are given to The Foundation. If you would like to find out more about the company, please feel free to visit the website on

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